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I signed up to try out this network a year ago. Went to an event once.

The quality of the event was so bad that I never came back. I already paid an annual membership then. Yesterday I received a notification from my bank that they automatically charged me for another annual membership fee. I don't remember ever given them permission to do so.

I contacted them for a refund. A few rounds of emails and their people from different departments insisted that there would be no refund whatsoever because of a term buried in their long T&C and we have to obey that term without any questions. Long story short, I ended up paying 2 yr membership for one event that was a total waste of time. Many online payment collectors have this T&C as well but they refund people who aren't aware of such terms (PayPal; Amazon; LinkedIn, etc...) Most of businesses that I sign up for annual billing send me a notification a few days before charging money from my account.

That's an ethical practice to inform their customers. InterNations send their members junk mails few times a week, but do not have courtesy to send an email to notify their customers that they are going to take people's money. Not even after the fact! The only notification I received about this transaction is from my bank.

These people understand nothing about business ethics and good customer service, hiding behind their T&C like the supreme law, and have no remorse of taking their members' money, even though those members aren't aware of such term.

Behind their image of "connecting people" or so is a practice of "stealing from people as much as possible while this is still legal". Turned out there were many other victims of the same practice.

Product or Service Mentioned: Internations Albatross Membership.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Could not agree more with your comments. They should have sent a reminder about auto renewal but happy to spam you with marketing, event emails.


Same here, no emails— they say they sent a notice for automatic renewal to the Internations box, which I never used as I went to the site a grand total of two times to check it out.

I didn’t sign up for a PAYING membership.

They won’t leave me alone and say they will send a debt collector for 71.40€.

They are really harassing me and causing me distress. What will happen if I ignore them and refuse to pay?



Dont use your private credit cards , pick up a preload card at any well known store and only preload enough to try it out and when they try to bill the prepaid card it wont go thru because its not connected to you checking account , and its. Not a credit card its a disposable card anyway .

This site tells you from the comments that its a scam anyway so stay away from sites that have a heavy fees for texting i would only pay well known sites but i found them not worth the time anyway nothing positive came out of them , its like the women just wanted to send and reply so they could just feel that somebody was interested in them while they could build up there selfesteem and get selfconfidence up to help them to start looking for a boyfriend outside of the cybet world .Although i have met some people that it worked for , but far and few.Theres alot other ways to meet others and at the sametime get connected with groups lets face it humans desire to be loved and with out it most people make bad desicions and end up in a worse place then were they started , I joined my local church and joined a bible study and got involed in classes to teach me how to do discipleship courses they are intimate in a different way and i am good now i fill my life with gods purpose's while i wait for the correct person , i took charge of my life and filled it with the challendge of seeking god first and somewere down the line just maybe someone will come out of no were , but thats not why i go to church , i go to church to ask god to change my thinking that i need to have someone else right away to make me happy thats another false perception i had . Well good luck my friend hope you follow your gut feeling and seek peace

Phoenix, Arizona, United States #1333814

The same thing happened to me just now. They swore they sent me emails advising me of annual membership due.

But as I could prove I never received any such thing, they then said I was supposed to check my InterNations account and I would have noticed a year had passed? Are you kidding?

I did not agree to autopay and yet they took money from my PayPal account. I don't understand how they can do business this way!

to orla #1424317

SAME here. But luckily my bank account info is expired.

They are harassing me, threatening to send a debt collector for 71.40€ I never agreed to.

What a scam!!!!!

Spread the word and let’s put them out of business.


Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you for your review.

We would like to address your concerns regarding our Albatross membership: The Albatross membership is a subscription for which you can chose one of three possible subscription periods. In the ‘Membership’ section of your InterNations profile you have the option to cancel the Albatross membership any time before the renewal whilst still making full use of the remaining time.

That’s why there is no need to remember the date of renewal. If you kindly take a look at the Membership section or at the bottom of your invoices, you will notice the statement “For your convenience, your membership will be automatically renewed”.

As per German Law, you are entitled to a refund within the 14-day cancellation period if you have not used our services. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide you with a refund if you decide not to use our premium service half way through.

As this information is also stated in our Terms & Conditions which you agreed upon when creating your account, we are unable to issue you with a refund.

We kindly ask for your understanding as we cannot make any individual exceptions to this general framework.

If you have any further inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us again. Kind regards, Your InterNations Team

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