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I am posting this to as many places across the web so that other people who sign up for paid membership with Internations can avoid unauthorized charges on their card.

Intenations has found a way to to sneak charges on a yearly bases based on their auto renewal policy which is created “for the convenience” of the members and you become aware of it only if read carefully in their tiny terms or after a new charge has hit your account - good luck with trying to get your money back.

Internations has failed to inform me that they will renew my membership and that a charge will be placed on my account. The invoice that has been generated is accessible only on their web site where I have not logged in since 2014 before I noticed the charge. It has wrong billing information – no address, the city does not match my current residency, and the expiration date for my credit card is wrong because they did not have the correct information. They have charged me in 2015 too with no notice and I did not realize it, and I wish I could fight for that charge. A week or two before they charged me I remember an e mail from them that I took for spam. The e mail was prompting me to log in and pay if I don’t want to lose the benefits of an Albatross member. It said absolutely nothing about renewal, invoice ready, or balance due. I deleted it right away without thinking about it. I understand that it is my fault for not reading into their terms when I signed up in 2014 however they must inform their members before they bill. Not just create an invoice on their web site. In my correspondence with them I have asked them about how did they obtain my credit card details (new expiration date) and they came up with a template message but I have never received such message from them.

When I saw the pending transaction on my account I took it for misunderstanding and I contacted them one day after my membership was renewed. I tried to dispute the charge, making it clear that I have not used their service for over two years, neither was I aware that they were charging me, and that also last year’s charge from them was unauthorized. I would have expected that since I contacted them a day after they renewed my yearly membership they would be flexible enough to issue a refund but they refused to do so. In the e mail reply they claim that they notify their members about the auto renewal and the Section 4.4 of the Conditions says that “The user accepts that he will receive an online invoice. The invoice will not be sent by mail. The online invoice is not legally binding.” – This is fine however there must be a notice of some kind that and invoice as ready, and a renewal is about to happen, and that a charge to the member’s account will follow. They also underline that the auto-renewal notice is on every invoice and it was on the first invoice that they sent directly to my e mail account – somehow the next two invoices from 2015 and 2016 never made it to my e mail. And I am sure that this is not by chance. They do not fail to contact the users via e mail when they need credit card information but when they have to notify about a charge, they gladly skip that step.

Product or Service Mentioned: Internations Membership.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Utrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands #1254072

If you paid through credit card just make a claim through them to get your money back!

I had a similar case. I signed up for free and over a year later I bought a three month subscription.

At the moment of the purchase there was no mention of automatic renewal, this was only presented to me a year prior when I was lured in with a free signup. Naturally this does not follow the European Directive outlining consumer rights. Closely prior to the moment of purchase they should have informed me that terms and conditions apply.

Internations refused to refund my money and also neglected to provide an explanation of why my interpretation of the European Directive was wrong.

Finally, I made a claim through my credit card company. They refunded me the money and internations did not fight the claim.

Planegg, Bayern, Germany #1208585

Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you for your review.

It is saddening to hear that you were not aware of the charges and felt that they have not been communicated to you. Transparency is crucial to us and all the information about your membership and the upcoming renewal for your subscription can be found any time in your online account.

If your credit card has expired and your account is up for a renewal, we send you an email to alert you that we may not be able to process the payment if your card details are not updated.

In most cases where the card number remains the same, financial institutions allow renewal charges as customers often have bills and subscription services linked to their account. This is the case with InterNations: your scheduled auto-renewal payment was attempted, and your financial institution accepted the charge.

We thank you for your cooperation and understanding in advance.

Kind regards, Your InterNations Team


I paid my membership with paypal and without my knowledge it became a recurrent payment I didn't know that it was possible to have recurrent payments with paypal. I was deceived.

It wasn't never clear that it would auto-renew, I didn't receive any warning, it was probably hidden in the small letters of the contract.

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