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Minimal events and barely any at weekends + poor value for money. They did not email an invoice for renewal in breach of their own terms and conditions then automatically renewed without notification.

Now they will not refund quoting previously breached Tems and Conditions. If anything changes (it is early days albeit 3/4 unhelpful exchanges to date) I will repost

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

I liked: Idea of it.

I didn't like: Poor value for money, Taking auto renewal without valid invoice, Not refunding despite error, Poor quality events, Playing hard ball.

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Redcliffe, Queensland, Australia #1283485

Note from attached excerpt from invoices, I did not change countries as suggested and I was according to last post at least supposed to be notified of the a change in payment including currency change. So when will you process the refund so that I can mark this matter as resolved? Thank you

to seagenie62 Planegg, Bayern, Germany #1283809

Dear Nicola,

Many thanks for uploading an excerpt of your invoice. Our Payments team would be more than happy to answer this question as they definitely know all the information behind the entire process.

I would therefore kindly ask you to contact payments [at] internations [dot] org as soon as possible.

I've informed the team that you will be sending an email soon enough so they will be waiting for your message!

Kind regards,

Your InterNations Team

Planegg, Bayern, Germany #1281967

Dear Sir or Madam,

The only reason for the currency to change would be if you moved to another country as the platform always takes that into account. This is also mentioned in our Terms&Conditions.

As stated earlier, all our policies are public and made available to you.

We are very sorry if you don't agree with them and do hope you'll find a better option for you, one that suits your needs better.

Kind regards,

Your InterNations Team

to InterNations_Support_Team Brisbane, Queensland, Australia #1282253

Didn't change country/ I said your policies are not customer friendly as evidenced by comments on this site and Internations sticking rigidly to them rigidly is merely self-serving as opposed to addressing the needs of your varied customers.

Planegg, Bayern, Germany #1280209

Dear Sir or Madam,

Our automatic renewal policy is mentioned in many places on our website: in our Terms&Conditions, in the Membership section of your own account, on each of the invoices you have and our team is always available for you to contact about any questions or concerns you might have. In the Membership section of your account, you can also always see a reminder message about the exact day when you will be automatically renewed.

Regarding the invoices you have, we only send the very first invoice via email. We do not send out subsequent invoices as you can always download them from your own account, if needed.

We're truly very sorry to hear about your experience. We always strive to improve the experience our members have on our platform and the automatic renewal is one of our best policies as members do not have to worry about manually upgrading each and every time.

We hear so many positive reviews about this on a daily basis which is why it is still implemented.

We try to organize as many Events and Activities as we can.

We appreciate your feedback and will definitely work on providing even more possibilities of having fun together with fellow expats and global minds.

If our team has not yet offered you the possibility of putting your already paid membership on hold so that you may use it again whenever you want, please mention this in a reply to them and they will be more than happy to assist. Kind regards, Your InterNations Team

to InterNations_Support_Team Brisbane, Queensland, Australia #1280396

Playing hard ball! This really isn't good customer service.

An invoice, or reference to how to access the invoice prior to payment, is standard practice with most companies. The key point is that I don't want the service and there is no good reason why a refund couldn't be provided other than corporate greed...certainly not service for this customer. I was not aware of the auto you well know there is an overload of information on T&Cs and websites so personalised information is important. If I can get personalised and repeated notifications about the scant number of events then why not about a payment that you are about to take?

An admin fee could have been withheld from any refund at best. Despite the number of people who are so on board with your service, there are plenty who aren't and I would imagine plenty who don't bother because of the scant protection for online consumers especially trading with companies overseas!!

to seagenie62 Planegg, Bayern, Germany #1280672

Dear Sir or Madam,

We are very sorry to hear about your experience, we truly are. However, we would like to ask for your understanding in this matter as there are policies in place that we need to take into consideration.

The first invoice does get sent to you by email so unless you are notified of a price increase, all other invoices will always be the same.

If you do ever decide to come back, please know that we'll always be waiting for you and we would always be more than willing to offer you free months of membership as compensation for all the inconveniences the automatic renewal may have caused you.

Until then, wishing you the best!

Kind regards,

Your InterNations Team

to InterNations_Support_Team Brisbane, Queensland, Australia #1280688

I hear you have policies to hide behind ... in my view they are unreasonable.

I too would ask for YOUR understanding that offering free months of membership for a service that I don't want is not satisfactory. You want to take policies into consideration- good customer service demands that you take individuals into consideration. I'm not asking for something for nothing (unlike your Internations). You don't even know my circumstances!

Additionally, now I have found the invoices under Membership...not going into an internal inbox...seemingly according to the date you have on there (if that's to be believed), it would be two days before you took the payment.

You said there was no change in payment between the two invoices but there was because one was in euros and with the other Internations decided to take Australian dollars without me saying anything.

Effectively then there is a change in the amount taken in each invoice.

Thanks for your good wishes...easily done when you're hanging onto ill-gotten money. May you also get your karmic rewards!

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